"Our in-house graphical user interface designs are specifically tailored to meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements ensuring that your system is efficient and user-friendly."

Having the equipment installed is just the start. Your install now looks the part but does it work as it should? During the Programming and Commissioning stage our specialist Programming Engineers fine-tune, test and debug the control programs in your system to ensure that everything operates the way you want it to. The installed systems are programmed in a way that even the most complex systems become easy to use.

And of course we'll spend time showing you how to use your system so that you're comfortable with the way it operates and can use it to its greatest effects. As a reseller for AMX, Crestron, and Extron - the industry's 3 largest control systems manufacturers - Aveonix has years of experience installing and programming these systems. Several members of the Aveonix team are certified programmers and have been programming AMX, Crestron and Extron systems for several years now.