Lighting creates a strong impact in an Audio Visual experience. It can make or break your best presentations and meeting.

We understand the importance of perfect lighting for all scenarios delivering professional solutions for architectural lighting control, dimming systems, stage lighting and more.

From diming systems for buildings to single room applications we cater to every unique lighting control requirement. Enjoy programmable lighting presets that can be accessed using user-friendly interfaces that cater to an array of lighting techniques in an office or home environment. Each of these “custom-programmed-lighting-presets can be designed to quickly adapt to different lighting scenarios such as in presentations, video conferencing, movie viewing etc. When our dimming systems are paired with occupancy or motion sensors, they can automatically turn the lights on or switch them off depending on the occupancy of the room, thus drastically reducing energy consumption.

We also design and implement stage lighting for events, theatres and in-house lighting applications. We offer a wide selection of stage lights, DMX lighting controls, moving lights and generic lighting-by lighting industry professionals.

Our Lighting Control and Solutions:
• Architectural lighting, dimming and control
• Stage Lighting and Control
• DMX Control System