We allow you to simplify operations, support and security with various scheduling and asset management tools.

Bid adieu to technology clutter with our room scheduling software packages that organise and manage your rooms and assets. View room availability in conference rooms and book meetings from anywhere anytime.

With our specialised software tools you can schedule meetings easily, chalk out agendas, book conference rooms, view room availability status and get your message across effortlessly to your employees. These advanced systems also enhance productivity as it allows you to manage and track assets and generate reports on device usage, alert when a device fails or generate reports on carbon footprints.

Our Scheduling and Asset Management Services include:

  • Schedule monitor and manage meeting rooms
  • Live Room Status Displays, eg Busy, Vacant, Next Meeting Schedule and Details, etc
  •  Integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and various other exchange servers
  •  Device tracking using RFID
  • Remote Centralized Management and Control of all Audio Visual Assets
  • Generate reports on device usage, alert when a device fails or Power Consumption